AIK Banka

From an internal bank to a reliable partner of a large number of citizens and businessmen.
Founded in 1976, AIK banka a.d. Niš operated for almost two  decades as the internal bank of Agroindustrijski kombinat Niš. In 1993, after coming out to the open market, the Bank began doing universal banking business and expanding. Owing to its liquidity, solvency and profitability, as well as the capacity of its equity, the Bank managed before long to soar high and firmly position itself as one of the leaders in the Serbian banking sector.
The turning point in the Bank’s business was a change in the ownership structure towards a joint stock company in 1995, when the Bank’s shares were owned by individual and institutional local and international shareholders. The results of these changes are best witnesses by the fact that the Bank’s shares have been among the most liquid securities traded in the Belgrade Stock Exchange for years now.
Keeping up with the modern banking trends, AIK banka has adapted its traditional commercially-oriented strategy to the market needs. The scope of services diversified year after year, and business focus shifted towards retail and agricultural products, as well as the small and medium enterprises sector.
Presently, with over EUR 620 million in retail foreign currency savings, the Bank has been recognised as a reliable partner to a large number of citizens and Serbian businessmen. Apart from taking one of the leading positions by number of clients, AIK Banka is also the leader in capital adequacy of the Serbian banking system.

AIK Bank switchboard operator
Address: Bulevar Mihaila Pupina broj 115đ. 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381.11.2029.050
Fax: +381.11.3129.787