M&V Investments

M&V Investments is a leading brokerage house in our region occupying a leading position on the capital market.

As a broker-dealer trading in all securities, it provides services in the field of trading when taking over a company, where it approaches all interested bidders providing a number of services:

  • Preparing takeover strategies
  • Preparing a takeover timetable
  • Preparing a notice of intent and the text of the takeover bid
  • Opening an account of deposited securities
  • Co-ordination with the bank when preparing evidence on collateral
  • Submitting a request for approval for publication of the bid to the Securities Commission with the necessary documentation.
  • Notification to shareholders, the Central Securities Registry, The Belgrade Stock Exchange and the target company of the bid opening
  • Monitoring the flow of depositing securities
  • Monitoring settlement
  • Publication of the takeover report

As a broker-dealer company, M&V Investments provides services to investors through:

  • Opening and managing a proprietary account in the Central Securities Registry
  • Issuing a balance statement of the proprietary account upon the request of the client
  • Executing transfer orders for securities and registration of third party rights (inheritance, gift and others).
  • Receipt, checking coverage of a transfer order (in cash or in securities) and executing purchase and sale orders on the Stock Exchange
  • Receiving, checking ownership of securities and executing deposit orders
  • Consulting services to potential bidders and coordination of all activities during the process of taking over joint-stock companies
  • Written notification to clients regarding the realization of orders, or the impossibility of realization
  • Clearing and settlement of liabilities and claims arising from transactions with securities

M & V always finds a solution and an answer to its client's needs. Proud of a highly qualified personnel, professionalism and quality, this company has its offices in Belgrade and Novi Sad.



M&V Investments

New Belgrade

Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 115E
Telephone: +381 11 3530 900
Fax: +381 11 3116 974
E-mail: bg@mvi.rs
Website: www.mvi.rs

Novi Sad

Stražilovska 4a
Teleohone: +381 21 6612 788
Fax: +381 21 6612 788 
E-mail: ns@mvi.rs
Website: www.mvi.rs