Philosophy and Values


Team spirit, effectiveness, sustainable growth, innovativeness and social responsibility represent the core values and links that connect all the companies within MK Group system.

By focusing on the team work we are getting more swiftly to joint decisions and better results, while at the same time each of us is accomplishing her/his own full potential.

A company is worth as much as the people working in it. Even the most complex jobs and objectives may be simplified if we would focus on possible solutions together. If there is an interaction in communication there is a mutual trust. That may be your attitude, your persistance or wish to help your colleagues when their self-esteem is threatened.

We set priorities and by good organization of work we are acomplishing the highest effectiveness.

Nowadays, in quick and digitalized environment, we wish to keep the highest performance level. Our response to change in priorities is flexible, we make quality decisions, set high goals and use our resources in a smart way. At the same time, we are following trends brought by the new technologies.

We create a base for the long-term development and growth by accomplishing synergy of quality and knowledge.

We nurture our employees and clients’ trust. They contributed to development of one of the biggest business systems in the country by creating its healthy foundations. At the same time, we aspire to constant expansion of the number of employees that contributed to stability of our growth. We have been succesful for thirty years because we constantly learn and aspire to high goals. We believe that the best years are yet to come.

We are devoted to the new and innovative solutions that improve our everyday business.

When it comes to dynamic global economy, changes are constant and innovations are of the key importance for further survival. We have been working jointly on creation of better business methods, we encourage creativity and digital development. Ever since the incorporation of our company, we have been focused on the future by trying to predict needs and demands of the market in order to ensure the long-term success to the company.

By making responsible decisions we are taking care of and we support the growth of the communities that enabled us to grow.

The social responsibility is one of the most important element of our business operations. It serves as an instruction for making right business decisions. As the company, we actively constribute to creation of better surroundings for our employees, associates and wider community by acomplishing good business results and being responsible towards the environment.