Business History

Our business history spans over 30 years

•It is closely related to the development of the company MK Commerce which was established in the 1980s as one of the first private companies in Vojvodina. From its development to the present day, trade in agricultural products has been and remains this company's prevalent activity.

•In 1995, MK Commerce established the brokerage house M&V Investments named the best brokerage house in the country by the Belgrade Stock Exchange in 2005.

•In 1996, in order to improve logistical support necessary for trade, this company became the owner of more than 200,000 square meters of a storage complex in Petrovaradin.

•In 2002, it expanded its business operations to the sugar industry where, through active participation in privatization processes, it became the owner of 4 sugar factories: Donji Srem from Pećinci, Jugozapadna Bačka from Bač, Bačka from Vrbas and Jedinstvo from Kovačica.

•After the privatization of the sugar factories the need arose for a transformation into a holding company.

•In 2003, we purchased Panonija Vršac, a company for agricultural production, trade and services. During the same year we became one of the pioneers in the implementation of the SAP ERP information system.

•In 2005, we founded Sunoko, a joint venture with Nordzucker, the third largest company in Europe in sugar production. In this manner, with a 49% ownership in the newly founded company, we completed the process of sugar production and sale.

•Through further participation in the privatization process, we brought the following companies into our business family: Agrounija from Inđija, Vojvodina from Novo Miloševo, Labudnjača from Vajska, Djuro Strugar from Kula and Selekcija from Aleksinac.

•During the same year, we founded a separate company, MK IT Business Solutions, with headquarters in Novi Sad. The basic activity of this company is to provide SAP consulting services and to deliver integrated SAP ERP business solutions to other companies. Within two years of its existence, this company became a Silver Partner of SAP West Balkans, expanded the application of SAP to the agricultural sector and implemented a unique ZAGA module for monitoring agricultural production.

•In 2007, the companies Granexport from Pančevo, Žitobačka from Kula and Maxiprotein from Požega, became a part of our company.

•In 2009, we turned to new business challenges and new perspectives and became the owner of TC Kopaonik - an apartment complex Konaci, Sunčani Vrhovi, the Hotel Grand and a national cuisine restaurant Zvrk. In this manner MK Mountain Resort was founded whose basic activity is tourism and hotel management.

•In 2009, we founded a company named Maradik Holiday Resort, including the lake Šelevrenac located near Maradik, which specializes in fishing and fish farming. It is now called MK Lake Resort.

•In 2010, MK Group acquired a 100% share in the company Sunoko, the largest company in sugar production and processing both locally as well as regionally.

•In 2011, we expanded our business operations to the meat industry by purchasing the meat industry Carnex.

•In 2012, Elan from Vrbas became a part of our team.

•2013. EBRD became a minority owner of MK Group