Miodrag Kostić

Miodrag Kostić, the president of MK Group, was born on August 25th, 1959. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the department of Information Technology in 1983.
Upon graduation, he started his journey into the world of private entrepreneurship - a journey that has been a very successful one for the past 30 years.

Miodrag Kostic is one of the top businessmen, not only in Serbia, but in the region as well. Being considered one of the leading experts in the agricultural and sugar industry, he is currently chairman of the largest vertically integrated agricultural corporations in Europe.

Established in 1983, the MK Group business system developed from a small private company specialized in trade, import-export and production - MK Commerce. Through hard work, constant investments in agricultural production, trade, banking, investment brokerage and consulting, as well as investing in human resources development, MK Group has grown into a system which currently consists of 40 companies and employs more than 7,000 workers in Serbia, and is one of the companies that form the backbone of the domestic economy.

Led by a clear approach, Miodrag Kostić discovered new challenges in investing in hotel and apartment complex in Kopaonik and a new company, MK Mountain Resort. Apart from tourism, new investments are made in developing renewable energy sources, whereby MK Fintel Wind have the production of "green" electrical energy as its basic activity, by using the power of wind. In 2011, MK Group took over a local leading company in the produces of meat and meat products, "Carnex".

Besides agriculture, sugar and meat production, tourism, renewable energy, from 2015, MK Group has bought AIK Bank in Serbia and became a shareholder in Gorenjska Banka in Slovenia whereas M&V Investments, MK Group’s brokerage company, has been one of the largest in Serbia for the last 10 years.

As a highly versatile person, Miodrag Kostić has proven his knowledge and skills through participation in the work of management boards of some of the largest and most successful banks in Serbia, as well as being the owner of the most famous brokerage house in the region. He is the president of the Management Board of AIK Bank, the member of the "Privrednik" club, the member of Serbian Association of Managers, the member of Board of directors of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as presiding member of the Society for building Saint Sava temple Assembly.

MK Group and its leader Miodrag Kostic listen to the community and are able to systematically invest in society by providing assistance where it is most needed. Good intentions are not just an empty phrase, and the Kostić family proved this by establishing Endowment of the Kostic family, and the Parents’ house that provides temporary home to parents whose children are suffering from cancer as well as by constructing a youth house that is now home to 15 teenagers - the SOS Children’s village, which was completed in late 2012.

Additionally, he received awards such as “Business Personality of the Year”, “The Most Successful Person in Vojvodina”, “The Most Successful Entrepreneur”, “The Best Manager in Southeastern Europe in 2011”, “Car Dušan’s Gold Dinar - Company of the Decade”, “The Winner of Belgrade”, “Business Partner of the Year”, “The Best Manager in 2013”, “The Best Serbian Industrial in 2013” and others. The company MK Group has been declared the most successful company in Serbia and the region on several occasions and received many awards. The company is especially proud of the awards received for its contributions in the field of corporate social responsibility such as “Hero Company” for the donations in the humanitarian action “Struggle for babies” and the reward “My choice” for the construction of a youth house in the SOS Children’s village.

In 2015, Miodrag Kostić received “Badge of honor”, for contribution and support throughout years.


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