Social Responsibility

Responsible to the community

We worry about social values, cherish and emphasize the importance of socially responsible business operations in all the local communities in which we conduct our operations on a daily basis. We strive to co-operate with communities in resolving current issues for the overall good, wherever  possible. Our contribution to society is manifested through numerous donorship, sponsorship and humanitarian activities.

We continuously strive to aid those in need, to provide them with a safer future and to ease their path toward achieving their goals. With a vision of a better tomorrow, we have made a EUR 220,000 donation for building a house for the young in the SOS Children's village in Kraljevo. With the support of the Municipality of Kraljevo, land was secured for building a 340 square meter house. During spring of 2012 the foundation was laid, and in autumn of 2012 the roof was constructed. The house has become home to 15 teenagers who have been provided with conditions for a more humane life.  As individuals who support and nurture healthy family values, we believe that all children have an equal right to their basic needs and in this manner we wish to enable them to fulfill that right.

As of recently, one of the central activities of the socially responsible operations of MK Group is the Kostić family foundation. In this manner, a series of activities will be implemented aimed at preserving and nurturing humane values.