About Us

MK Group

MK Group ltd is a holding company which consists of more than 35 affiliated companies that operate in the country and abroad. In dozens of MK Group companies on a permanent, part-time and seasonal jobs more than 4,500 people is hired. Today MK Group, based in Belgrade, is one of the largest and most successful business systems in the country and is a leader in the agricultural industry and the sugar industry in Serbia.

In addition to these primary areas of business, MK Group also operates in the field of meat processing and renewable energy sources that are continually devoloping by constant investments and improvements. Other business areas of MK Group are financial and IT services, real estate, tourism and others.

We have all the necessary infrastructure for successful and modern business, and in our property we have tens of thousands of acres of arable land with associated agricultural machinery of last generation.

Thanks to modern management, using the latest generation machines and implementing the latest technological solutions, which together produce outstanding business results, we can say that the operating system of MK Group is a factor for development of the entire agriculture and sugar industry and this represent MK Group as a company that sets the criteria and standards for agriculture of 21. century.

In mid-2013, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has recapitalized MK Group, which proving our quality and credibility as a company, as well as support for the development and improvement of all aspects of our business areas .