One of the most significant ecological messages is "think globally and act locally ".

Guided by this important message MK Group is leading its business operations in economical, socially responsible and environmentally conscious way. Aware of their potential impact on the working and living environment, all the companies of MK Group are putting a great effort into harmonization of all its environmental operations, as well as to their conformity with the legislation.

Raising the awareness among employees, level of education and knowledge, establishing an environmental policy and implementation of sustainability principles in our daily operations, positive impact we “locally” have on the environment undoubtedly reached a "global” scale. Strategies and instruments of environmental policy are the specific measures to be taken in order to reduce and prevent negative impacts on the living and working environment at the beginning of the process.

Environmental measures implemented in all of MK Group companies:

  • saving resources and energy,
  • monitoring of environmental resources (water, air , soil)
  • sustainable waste management through reduction of waste generation at the beginning of the production process,
  • controlled use of types and amounts of hazardous chemicals,
  • fulfillment of the national objective of packaging waste recycling from their own products,
  • reporting to competent authorities on the measures taken to improve the environment
  • publications and active participation in conferences and professional ecological meetings,
  • training, education, information and raising the awareness among employees about the importance of environmental protection and the prevention of its pollution
  • informing business partners about the company commitment to environmental protection.

Socially responsible and environmentally conscious behavior creates a healthy business and living environment and therefore we are paving the way for the future generations to continue to create and build on the firm foundations.

 Environmental protection policies