The Meat Industry


The company Carnex is the leader, in the Republic of Serbia, in the production of meat and meat byproducts. A favorite for over half a century, Carnex encompasses the entire process "from the field to the kitchen table," while the key advantages on the basis of which it stands out are:

  • vertical inclusion
  • quality control
  • standardized production
  • broad product portfolio
  • tradition and reputation

A complete process and the following resources are responsible for the quality of Carnex products:

  • 4,500 ha of arable surface
  • silos with a 75,000 ton capacity
  • production of animal feed (50,000 tons of animal feed per year).
  • pig farms with a capacity of around 100,000 pigs
  • production of finished products



The product range consists of the finest smoked deli products and cured, cooked and dry sausages, as well as incomparable pâté and others. In addition, the assortment has a chicken program under the label "Pilino".

Constant quality of product, customer satisfaction and a responsible attitude towards society are the basis for the many years this company has lasted, while its primary goal is the increase in the quality of life. The Carnex company applies postulates of a safe, environmentally friendly production process which is monitored by a control processes and adherence to international standards.

The company employs more than a thousand workers. Nearly half a century after its foundation it is still synonymous with a combination of the traditional and the contemporary - it grows and develops together with new trends while at the same time staying true to its basic qualities.

A recognized product quality and its business model have received numerous national and international awards, including, in particular, the International Gold Star for Quality in Geneva.


Industrija mesa Carnex
Kulski put 26, Vrbas
Telephone: +381 21 7953 630


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