Agriculture in Serbia

In Serbia alone our agricultural companies process more than 19,000 ha of land.

Our business system is one of the largest agricultural producers in Serbia, with a successful business history in the field of agrobusiness. 

In the agricultural sector, we have developed our own business model and a model of knowledge and skills (know-how), which briefly implies:

  • optimal use of natural resources
  • strategic planning of sowing structure
  • application of modern agrotechnical measures
  • optimization of all costs
  • control and monitoring of all business operations
  • a trained and efficient workforce
  • automated production
  • use of modern agricultural mechanization
  • advanced logistics and strong information support
  • large and easily accessible storage capacities

In the agrobusiness field we have developed our own business model which implies an optimal, vertical integration of all process and agricultural companies. This has enabled us to achieve high production efficiency and above average yields. The main goal is to achieve a strong, sustainable growth and cost-effective volume.

Our arable land yields at least two harvests per year. With an optimal crop sequence and the application of appropriate agrotechnical measures, as well as the lowest costs per sowing unit, we achieve high profit per hectare. We sow winter and spring crops characteristic for the Vojvodina region.

On the domestic market we are known as the producers with the highest yield of agricultural crops, as well as one of the biggest producers of agricultural crops such as sugar beet, wheat and corn.

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